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“Oh man, oh man. After hearing Taryn on keyboard, we couldn't handle anything more. We are talking awesome here. Jump, funk, Latin, jazz, blues, stride...making Jerry Lee Lewis look like he plays a toy piano. They call their music "beatnik blues". And her singing? Captivating, bluesy, soulful, sweet. Dynamics...dynamics! These cats know how to use dynamics to dramatic effect. I'll be raving about Donath for a long time to come. Taryn is accompanied by Marty Dodson on drums. They must be reading each other's minds. The sax was funky and hot, and I wish I could remember the dude's name, but everything was so awesome I just can't recall. Showmanship - Taryn not only tickled the ivories with her fingers, but assaulted them with the heel of her foot, her elbows and forearm, all in a classy yet sassy style. Everything they did made sense to me, spoke to me the secret language of music and rhythm and joy - pure joy watching true professionals at work. Unbelievable. Why doesn't the world know about Taryn Donath? They will. They most certainly will. After this there was no sense staying for the last couple acts I had intended on seeing. We went for pizza and then home."
"Jump, funk, blues, and stride piano. Yep- stride. A blaze of lost vintage skills, Donath frequently shows up with a drummer. Talk to her right hand: it knows endless chords. Her left hand is another subject entirely."
-San Diego Reader- Article: Indie Fertility-Five Local Bands to Listen To
-Dave Good 

Taryn Donath Duo Live @ Til-Two Club San Diego, CA.